New Mexico Enamel Pin Designs

I'm constantly inspired by the loveliness around New Mexico. I want to make some pins to celebrate my love for the Land of Enchantment! 


New Print!

When I got back from CatCon, I decided to make some new non-cat-related artwork. Here's my Things that Grow in New Mexico drawing! I drew this on the crappiest printer paper ever, using a Bic mechanical pencil. I inked it with a Micron 0.5, scanned it, then colored it in Photoshop.

It seemed fitting to debut this at the Downtown Growers' Market. I think folks at the market liked it, because I sold all but a 5x7!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 7.32.48 PM.png

Plants of New Mexico Progress

I've been drawing plants for my Plants of New Mexico zine. It's coming right along and I got some serious inking done yesterday! I'm hoping to get the pages colored over the next few days, so I'll have a couple of copies at the Mementa show on Monday. Hope to see you there!  


Zine Progress

I've been working on the Cat Lady Survival Guide some today, and here's a sneak peek of page 15!

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.21.24 PM.png

Accidental Team Cat Habitat Logo

I was supposed to make a little cat head for a photo backdrop, and then I guess I made a logo. Obviously designing pins has translated into my recreational life, and that's okay. I dig the colors and it's purr-ty cute. Maybe they'll like it too. 

Cat Lady Lapel Pins!

I'm excited to introduce the first of my lapel pins! I just added these sweet gold-plated enamel pins to my shop, and they're ready for you to buy for yourself or a fellow cat lady!



New Work

I'm drawing some naked ladies for a show in July. This is the first of I'm not sure how many. 

New Scratch Pads!

I've had so much fun making pocket notebooks! I've got a couple of new designs in the works, am working on a tutorial to teach my process. It's super easy -- all you need is a stapler, eraser, card stock and paper! An industrial paper cutter comes in handy as well, but isn't required. 

For those of you who'd rather buy some from my shop, I love you and they're available here

My first set of notebooks.

My first set of notebooks.

I had to. 

I had to. 



Two Days til Coffee & Cats!

I've been in button-making mode all week, and am so excited to see everybody at Cafe Purr on Saturday! I'm hauling everything from my Etsy shop and more! It's going to be so much fun and we're going to get some kitties adopted!

Black Cat Day

In honor of Black Cat Day, I'm giving away this button to everyone who buys something from my site from now through October 28! 

Head on over to my Etsy shop and get something for yourself or a friend! Black cats seriously are fucking pawsome, and you need to preach that shit to the whole wide world. They're not bad luck, but they have some bad luck in the shelters of America.

They're the least likely to get adopted, which just means that people have despicable taste and should be ashamed. Tell everyone how much you love black cats, so more people will seek them out to adopt and love them forever!

That's right - buy anything from my store, seriously, ANYTHING - and I'll include this adorable button. But only through October 28th, so hop over to my Etsy shop meow.

That's right - buy anything from my store, seriously, ANYTHING - and I'll include this adorable button. But only through October 28th, so hop over to my Etsy shop meow.

Café Purr: Memphis' First Pop-up Cat Cafe

Designed by the fabulous Kendyl Mounce

Designed by the fabulous Kendyl Mounce

I'm so excited to be a part of Café Purr! We've been planning this for a couple of weeks, and are hoping this will help some kitties get adopted and bring out folks who love a good cup of joe! My friend Kendyl designed a beautiful flyer, and reached out to Dr. Bean's Coffee & Tea Emporium to supply some delicious beverages. I'm setting up a table with things to sell, and am now accepting major credit cards, along with cash and checks. 

Memphis, get ready for cats and coffee downtown! See you Saturday!


Now making buttons!

My button maker arrived Thursday, and I'm in love with it! Just added my first set of fun feline mood buttons to my Etsy shop. I'm selling the first 20 sets for just $3, so order now

If you look closely, you can see cat hair in the photo.