Beth Spencer Watermark Design

I've noticed my photos have been popping up on Facebook pages and blogs recently. While it's still all about helping the animals, I was a bit irked that others were taking credit for my work. Not because it's my art or anything, but because it's WORK. I get jumped on, peed on, bruised and scratched, and stink to high heaven at the end of volunteering. Why should others get a pat on the back, when all they're doing is right-clicking and downloading? So, I sketched out a design during the Memphis Animal Services board meeting, because none of the mayor's constituents even bothered to show up.

Beth Spencer Watermark Sketch

Went home and got right to vectorizing it. Played around and came up with this. I plan on making a dog one soon as well.

Beth Spencer watermark design

Here it is in action! What do you think?

cat photo by Beth Spencer

dog photo by Beth Spencer