Cats Doing Things

I decided to start a 100-day project of cat illustrations! I'm drawing cats doing things suggested by my social media pals. What would you like me to draw a cat doing? You can follow along on my Instagram, or Dribbble!  

cat illustration by Beth Spencerdoctor cat illustration by Beth Spencer cat serving coffee

Bottoms Pup!

It's always exciting to emBARK upon a new design project. I especially loved this one, because Humane Society is an organization very dear to my heart. Can't wait to put this baby in Illustrator and make it pretty! pup crawl sketch by Beth Spencer

Beth Spencer Watermark Design

I've noticed my photos have been popping up on Facebook pages and blogs recently. While it's still all about helping the animals, I was a bit irked that others were taking credit for my work. Not because it's my art or anything, but because it's WORK. I get jumped on, peed on, bruised and scratched, and stink to high heaven at the end of volunteering. Why should others get a pat on the back, when all they're doing is right-clicking and downloading? So, I sketched out a design during the Memphis Animal Services board meeting, because none of the mayor's constituents even bothered to show up.

Beth Spencer Watermark Sketch

Went home and got right to vectorizing it. Played around and came up with this. I plan on making a dog one soon as well.

Beth Spencer watermark design

Here it is in action! What do you think?

cat photo by Beth Spencer

dog photo by Beth Spencer

Working Cats for Hire!

I made some graphics for Memphis Pets Alive to help place some kitties in barns and warehouses! I used the Astropad app for the first time, which is incredible. It made it easy to remove the background from the cat photos I took yesterday, then I used Illustrator for the text and color overlays. Beth Spencer graphic designFeral Cat graphic design by Beth Spencer


working cat design by Beth Spencer







What I've been working on

Animal Services lately to improve their image, raise attendance at new volunteer orientation, and increase adoptions! I shot all the photos and carefully curated designs that would move away from the sad, shelter dog vision many people have of the shelter. Results are trickling in, and I couldn't be more proud for the sweet pets finding homes and getting more attention from volunteers. Slow and steady wins the race!

Puppies make my heart dance.

My love for puppies is no secret. I went straight to Memphis Animal Services after work, and photographed twelve of them to post on social media. Since puppies tend to get adopted more easily, I created a graphic with all twelve faces. It didn’t make sense to post them all individually, especially since time is a huge factor (puppies are more susceptible to diseases, like bordatella or the deadly parvo). I hope to see lots of these little creatures go home tomorrow!

puppy adoption graphic

 Here I am with my very first puppy, Kermit, a sweet mutt whom I'll never forget. 

Beth Spencer with first puppy

Spay Day Photos!

One of my favorite photographers in Memphis captured the magic that is World Spay Day at the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County. Phillip Van Zandt's uncanny ability to showcase the hard work behind the scenes of World Spay Day is incredibly. Check them out! Seeing these amazing advocates wearing my design is a huge honor. They worked tirelessly to perform surgeries on 109 cats on Monday.

You can support TNR (trap, neuter, return) AND get a shirt at the link below! spay day shirt design

Donate and get a shirt!

Furry Singles at Memphis Animal Services

I had a blast creating pretend dating profiles for some of the adoptable pets at Memphis Animal Services. Since the idea came to me on Thursday (in the Target parking lot, of all places), I had to work quickly to create the logo, layout and shoot photos. 

dog adoption graphic

Many thanks to Amber, the shelter supervisor, and volunteers for helping select the pets who most urgently needed adoption. I spent some time shooting photos Saturday, then wrote copy and finished the layout in Illustrator. 

The project was so so well received, that I think I’ll make it a yearly tradition! Next year I’ll do twice as many, and lay out everything in InDesign, instead of Illustrator. But for the quick turnaround, I’m quite happy with how this turned out! 

Pleading Puppy Photo

I took a trip to West Memphis Arkansas for some photos of their adoptable dogs and cats. They have some amazing people and pets on that side of the river! I hope to visit again soon. It was enlightening to see a municipal facility operated by people who love animals. Check out their adoptable pets!

pleading puppy photo