Going home.

Toothless came to me after suffering for 3 days with no medical care in a high-kill shelter. He had his leg amputated The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County, then came to me so he could get the socialization he needed to become adoptable.scared kitten

I was terrified.

And I've fostered a cat that just had her EYE removed. For some reason I thought this little cat was more impressionable, and that if I scared him more, he'd be broken forever. He stayed in his litter box the first day. I researched ways to socialize cats, and was fearful he might hide in there indefinitely.

He came around.

It was magical watching him transform from a scaredy cat into a confident kitty who didn't run and hide every time the doorbell rang. If you'd like to foster a cat, contact me. They're not all as big of a challenge as Toothless, and some of them only need to stay for a week or two.

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