Open Letter to AC Wharton

Mayor Wharton,

I would like to issue a formal complaint about Mr. James Rogers. These frequent, deadly mistakes happen so often at Memphis Animal Services, and are regularly covered in the media.

The most recent involving the Rottweiler has been syndicated nationally, and reached millions of people. People associate the city of Memphis with death and wrongful killing enough. Memphis Animal Services is wasting taxpayer money by killing instead of adopting out, and worsening the city's reputation. We cannot move forward with Rogers in the driver's seat. He's incapable of running the facility, and needs to be terminated.

I feel Mr. Rogers has been insensitive and downright rude to me. I do not appreciate the way he addresses me, and am offended by "I expect no reply to the contents below" remark. This is bad customer service, which trickles down to his employees and staff members. Telling me to stop replying does not encourage open conversation or create an environment for suggestions, which he needs.

I've received the official set of records regarding this matter, which expose the truth. The dog was not euthanized due to aggression, as Rogers stated to the media. I'd appreciate an official statement regarding what disciplinary actions have been taken, and to which individual responsible for the tragic, accidental death of #A276371.

Beth Spencer

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