Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts.

I've been drawing corgis and poop for the last few days and it's been glorious! Why, you ask? Because I've been commissioned to design a logo for Poop Happens, an up-and-coming business in my hometown of Tupelo, MS. We met yesterday, and I was delighted to learn they liked the idea of a corgi mascot, because I'd already sketched a bunch of corgis. It's like I can read minds! But really, who doesn't love corgis? 

This one is the winner!

This one is the winner!

Hot stuff.

heat awareness month With summer approaching, it's time for people to post lots of horribly-designed graphics asking folks to please not leave their dogs in their cars. So I'm making a funny to discourage that. Because it's really lame to cook your dog. Here's a sneak peek.

funny dog singing