Nitty Gritty.

With Turn OFF the A C campaign coming to a close in the next few weeks, new projects shall begin! I've got a fun personal project to work on involving groups of animals, four new books, and a t-shirt design for "Threat Level Midnight." Yes, that last one is a play on Michael Scott's screenplay from the Office. SO AWESOME. I'm also super excited to create my very first Skillshare class! More on that later. Thanks for reading. Here's a cute panda! >.<panda illustration

Messy fun today.

Here's a little bit of what I worked on today for Memphis Pets Alive! I love making watercolor textures and drawing cats. Speaking of cats, I've kind of been itching to make a drawing of Max & Nev from Catfish, just for fun, so I'm going to work on that now. Stay tuned! cat illustration

Four Stages of Feline Rescue

Today I had the pleasure of drawing lots of funny cat faces for Memphis Area Cat Rescue. I'm working on a graphic for their social media cover pages. I think it's pretty on point. Cat Rescue Illustration After that, I helped with laundry at Humane Society and then photographed stray pups at the high-kill facility. I met an old beagle boy that I want to adopt so bad. I hope he gets out. Look how freaking cute he is! Memphis Animal Services

Kind of a crappy day.

Today was okay. Not too BAAAAAH-D.memphis freelance design

MAS is having a kitty sale, so if you're looking to add a new feline to your life, then check this out! memphis animal services illustration

I'm getting a cold and it's summer. Blah.

Bethy made a little lamb.

I can draw other things besides mayors and cats! This isn't finished, but it's cute enough, I think, to add to my neglected blog. More later. sheep illustration

$20 Kitties

I've been so busy with Turn OFF the AC that I haven't even picked up a pencil this week. But, good things are on the horizon, I can feel it. And in the sky! Like balloons and kittens! Please go adopt one or two from Memphis Animal Services. cat adoption graphic

BS Logo

Check out my new logo. I sketched it with pencil, then digitized it and roughened it up a little. My initials - ABS - aren't exactly monogram material, and the cat diverts attention from the letters. I guess. Anyways, I think it's cute, and represents me and my work pretty accurately.Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.33.58 PM  11666083_10153963669360744_2806483562226249920_n