Magazine Ads

Here’s a handful of my favorite magazine and newspaper ads I’ve created for Animal Humane in 2018. My goal was to create something to get all eyes on our ad, while staying loyal to the Animal Humane brand. These are quite different from the ads that had been running in years past, while still delivering the message and conveying the mission of the organization.


Meow is the Time

This was the first of this series that I created for Albuquerque the Magazine. It printed so beautifully that I kept the theme going for a few more issues.


Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

This design was printed in Albuquerque the Magazine and features photography by the talented Steve Allen Photography.


Hire a Purr-fessional

I lucked out with this ad. A coworker gave me the tie months before this assignment, so it seemed like no-brainer considering the cat in the logo is wearing one. Ultron, the cat in the photo, was most cooPURRative during our photoshoot together, so I was able to create this ad very quickly and it ran in several publications in various sizes, including Albuquerque the Magazine.

The PURR-fect Resolution

I decided to try it without the gradient and loved the results. The cat’s name is bigger in this one and that bothers me, but I think it’s still a nice-looking ad that got a lot of attention in the publication.


Aged to Purr-fection.

This ad changed slightly before going to print — text darkened to increase readability, since it’s being printed in a magazine for seniors. I shot the photo, wrote copy and designed this one that was printed in Prime Time Monthly.

As a lover of senior pets, I enjoyed putting this together to encourage people to adopt older dogs and cats.