After more than a year of volunteering, protests, outreach and board meetings, it became clear that the only way to make change happen was to get political. So I created a grassroots campaign to educate and encourage people to vote out the current mayor, or Turn OFF the A C. 


This was my first project of this kind. first bumper sticker, yard sign, t-shirt, and first real political protest. It all started from a Facebook cover photo design I made.


The community support was incredible, and I was thankful for a small handful of people who helped pass out stickers, check yard signs daily, (Wharton supporters stole so many) and spread the word about why we needed a change in leadership.


My eyes filled with happy tears when he began delivering his concession speech. I was in disbelief that a little campaign of sloppy vector illustrations delivered each day could actually make a difference. I’m glad it’s over and the new mayor has already hired replacements for most of A C’s cronies, but what a ride.